My husband and I hired Mrs. Pleva to guide us through the process of adjusting my status, from student visa to permanent residency. Mrs. Pleva and her paralegal, Ms. Mantilla, were always very professional and kept us constantly updated throughout the process. They provided guidance while paperwork was being completed and assisted us in the collection of all the appropriate documentation. When it came time for our adjustment interview Mrs. Pleva walked us through and assisted us in preparing for the day, as well as being present during the interview to support us with any additional paperwork that may have been required. Overall, I highly recommend Mrs. Pleva’s services.

Flaminia M.
Hoboken, NJ

Amazing and Professional!
I have worked with Reiner & Pleva in the past couple of years. I have worked with Mr. Reiner before this most recent immigration status change, hence the reason I went back to them. They looked at my case carefully, considered all the options and informed me every step of the way. They were upfront with the possible outcomes from the beginning, while they made sure I do get the best possible chance and result. They are extremely helpful, quick to respond and some of the advice I got along the way has changed my life for the better. Ms. Pleva meticulously prepared my documents and me; met, emailed and phone consulted me numerous times. I am very happy I chose this law firm to work with me as I prepared to become a citizen. I highly recommend them to anyone who seeks assistance with their immigration case. Absolutely a great experience and thank you again both Mr. Reiner and Ms. Pleva.

Zsuzsanna P.
Queens, NY

Reiner and Pleva are professional, proactive and helpful with what is usually involving and difficult process for most. They pay great attention to details and they have a great way of explaining legal processes and the implication of making certain decisions that is so assuring and encouraging. Reiner and Pleva and their paralegal staff were nothing but a delight to work with from start to finish and we would highly recommend Reiner and Pleva, PLLC

Kwame W.
Bronx, NY

Amazingly professional. Attorney Pleva is a fierce advocate & thorough litigator. Couldn’t have asked for a better attorney would recommend this firm to anyone.

Keith S.
West Dover, VT

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